Tea is a drink that everybody enjoys drinking, Its easy to make, just add hot water, a tea bag or a tea leaf and it is ready in minutes. Drinking tea is connected with many health benefits including cells protection and lowering the risk of heart diseases. According to studies, tea can also help with weight loss and flat belly. There are certain teas that are better and more efficient than others. Therefore, we present to you 3 teas today.


Green Tea is one of the most famous teas and is connected with many health benefits. In addition, it is one of the efficient teas for weight loss.There are evidence that connect green tea with losing weight and burning fat. with regular consumption of this tea , or a green tea extract, you will have results in 12 weeks

According to a study, people who consumed green tea for 12 weeks had a significant results in losing weight, burning fat and lowering waist size. The reason behind this is high level of catechins in green tea. Moreover, green tea is rich in natural antioxidants which speed up your metabolism and increase the burning of fat.


Black tea is a kinfd of tea that has undergone amore oxidation than the other teas. Oxidation is a Chemical reaction where the tea leaves are exposed to airwhich results in the characteristic dark color of this tea. Black tea helps regulate your weight

Drinking black tea every day helps you lose weight, burn fat and have a slimmer waist. According to some, the potential on weight loss that black tea has are because it is rich with flavones, a plant-based pigment with anti-oxidant properties. Click here to more benefits of drinking black tea.


White tea is different from the other because the leaves undergo minimal processes while they are still young. White tea has a different taste then the others. It has a delicate taste and is a bit sweet.

The benefits of this tea are well-known and is used to improve oral health and kill cancer cells. Researches shows that white and green tea have similar amounts of catechins which helps with weight loss

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