5 side effects of Dieting. Are you a victim?

Is this you? Diet after diet only to get frustrated and go on an all out binge? I’ve been there!

A ‘Diet’ I’m referring to in this post means cutting out food groups or drastically reducing your food intake.

We’re so conditioned to believe that ‘dieting’ is the only way for us to look and feel great about ourselves.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

A successful diet is one that you can stick to for life and not a quick fix for that event coming up.

Diets can mess you up in more ways than you think.

This post will cover some of the side effects of Dieting and how this negatively impacts your mind and body.

If you find yourself doing any of these, it’s time to switch to something that you can see yourself doing in the ‘long term’.

Let’s have a look at some behaviors that ‘Dieting’ triggers:

#1 Weighing yourself obsessively

Do you find yourself jumping on the scale several times a day? Especially after a ‘cheat’ or ‘big’ meal?

I used to do this… until I got rid of the scale and stopped letting it dictate my mood for the day. It was only re-introduced last year when I switched my mindset to accepting it as ‘part’ of my progress.

There are so many factors that cause weight fluctuations, least of all being gaining actual fat! Gaining actual fat requires you to consistently eat high amounts of food and not burn any through movement. It takes weeks to gain real fat!

So what are the factors that can affect your scale weight?

  • Water weight from eating a big meal or too much salt
  • Water retention 2 weeks prior to your menstrual cycle
  • Not hydrating enough which causes your cells to hold on to water in the body
  • Not taking a poop
  • Food at different times of the day

Weighing yourself obsessively is not healthy. It can destroy your progress as it can literally ruin your day. If you find yourself doing this, get rid of the scale.

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#2 Feeling ‘good’ or ‘bad’ after eating certain foods

Are certain foods making you feel good or bad? Categorizing and demonizing food groups only leads to a negative relationship with food.

Life is all about balance and the journey to being healthy should be enjoyable. What’s the point if you’re just miserable eating kale all day… that’s not healthy for your mind and it will ultimately break you down.

So… eat that donut once in a while (just not the entire box)… have a fun night out with your boo and try not to feel ‘guilty’ about savouring the food you like!

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#3 Constantly craving food

Do you find yourself wanting to stuff your face all day? Are you hungry all the time?

Thinking about food all day is fine… just not to a point where it’s driving you nuts!

I have noticed that when I reduce my food intake drastically, I start craving unhealthy food a lot more #drasticdietingsucks

This is why when you’re on a weight loss program, try to fill your plate with loads of ‘high volume’ food like vegetables that give you more bang for your buck. They are very low in calories and high in fiber that will keep you full. It also prevents your brain from sending you ‘I’m starving’ signals and you don’t destroy your gains.

Another tip is to swap your carb choices… so swap rice, pasta, bread for potatoes, fruit, pumpkin, carrot, corn or peas. This gives you a lot more ‘allowance’ so you feel like you’re eating a lot more for the same amount of calories or less.

Also, when you reduce your calories, try not to go extreme. 200-300 calories below what you usually eat to maintain is sustainable and will deliver results. The more drastic your calorie restriction, the more your body fights against it.

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#4 All or Nothing

Do you feel guilty after eating half that tub of ice-cream and just go all out and finish the entire tub… throw in some pizza and a bag of cookies too? Also, fu*k the gym… I mean… you’ve ruined your progress anyway right?

Wrong! Half that tub won’t cause weight gain… what actually makes you gain weight is letting that small amount of ice-cream snowball into days and weeks of unhealthy eating. Remember what I said about ‘consistently’ eating high amounts of food being the only reason you gain fat?? Well, this is it!

Having an ‘all or nothing’ approach towards your health goals will only set you back and keep you dancing forward and backwards with your goals.

Learn how to eat moderate portion sizes and yes, you DO have control over what you put in your mouth.

Successful people know how to ‘balance’ their food/treats and move on after a day of excessive eating.

#5 Binge Eating all day

A bite here, a lick there may not seem like much… but guess what… it all adds up! If you find yourself binge eating all day, have a look at your food intake. Are you eating enough?

One of the biggest struggles I’ve seen among my clients is getting enough protein. Protein keeps you full! As soon as their protein intake went up, the binge eating reduced.

As a general rule, try to eat a palm-sized amount of protein at every meal. Some high protein sources include meat, fish, non-fat dairy, egg whites, protein powder, protein bars, tofu and beans.

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There you go folks… If you’ve fallen victim to any of these, then being aware is the first step towards fixing it.


A healthy mindset is key towards achieving a healthy body. So, zero in on any negative behaviors and eliminate them 

No B.S… just practical information and effective workouts that deliver results.

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