5 ways plants power us in 2019

Have we mentioned that we’re absolutely nuts for nuts? It’s kinda crazy how much we are over the moon for legumes. We move our feet for beets, go all out for sprouts, and have a need for greens. We think vegetables are incredible! Whole grains are in our veins, and we know fruit is a real hoot.

OK! It feels really good to share that! Here at Veestro, we are pretty passionate about plants and all the juicy goodness they provide.

In a land of processed, over-produced, and sometimes inhumane food choices, it’s no surprise you’ve at least started wondering about adding more #plant-based dishes to your weekly meals. Since you’re here, we want to remind you of the major benefits of getting more leafy! And also get into the magic of Kitchen Veestro and the “how” behind making this lifestyle both possible and sustainable. We want to make sure no one ever goes through life plant stranded.

These benefits are easy to receive and readily available to set your life up for ultimate #health today. As is often the case with health, the small habits of today shape our future self’s vibrancy and quality of life.

Remember, small hinges swing big doors.

Be kind to yourself and embrace delicious nourishment 🙂 Here are some things we think are pretty cool about feasting your face on more plants.

1. You’re gonna weigh less. Yep. You just will. And it’s not because of “dieting,” which brings up feelings of fear, shame, and failure. It’s diet as in “what you eat.” Whole plant foods are filled with satiating fiber and have minimal calories when compared to meats and processed foods.

2. Have a healthier heart. Research studies show that eating more whole plants is good for the heart in many ways, including less inflammation and oxidative stress. More love, less stress, sounds good!

3. Keep blood pressure in check. Eating more plants can lead to healthier blood pressure levels and protect you from heart-attacks and strokes. Like realizing you have a set of worn out windshield wipers only when it rains, you’ll be glad those lines are working free and clear as you get older.

4. Fight Cancer. Plant-based diets are a powerful way to reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Eating a plant-based diet helps create an internal environment that makes it difficult for some cancers to survive. By the way, this is also true for other diseases, besides cancer, that can take precious years from your life.

5. Live longer and better. All the above points can be summed up in this category. This is it. The big door we want to keep in motion with our daily habits. You will not only be setting up your body to enjoy life well into the future, but you will see and feel the results immediately in your life. We want you to live longer and fuller. To do that, you need to feel great and have the energy to live life, love those who matter most, and enjoy the best version of you.

Is anyone else smiling at their screen right now? Great. So you’re fired up to go plant-based right now. We’re totally here for you. Get it started! But let’s also talk about tomorrow. And the next day. Reality sets in. Now what?

The thoughts creep in, then gather speed:

Am I supposed to eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life? This seems like a ton of work. I don’t really have the time for all this. What do I replace all the meat with? I’ve spent my whole life picking a meat-based meal, and “balancing” it out with some healthy sides. Now I gotta eat nothing but salads? No way is this sustainable. Will there ever be flavor in my life again? How is this possible? Save me!

Trust me, I know how you’re feeling and we’ve got you covered. Everyone’s journey is unique, but please know Veestro was created because of all those reasons mentioned above. That, and the fact we are super passionate about plants. We are basically healthy, plant champions built for the modern world of having zero time. Oh, and we are obsessed with flavor. Like, each bite’s gotta make your tastebuds do that sun-through-the-parting-clouds-heavenly-angel choir thing.

But first, the biggest thing here is a big congratulations to you on making a lifestyle choice. A decision to live better. That is a huge part of the equation. How do you execute this lifestyle? There are a couple ways to do it.

You could: Check out our Instagram or other blog articles for inspiration. You could learn how to cook similar dishes and really get into the food preparation, sauces and techniques to enhance flavor. Shop local farmers markets for local fresh ingredients. And whip something new up for dinner all week. If this sounds fun, and you have the time, you should roll up your sleeves up and jump in. I think for some, this cooking journey is not only doable, but enjoyable.

Buuut, If you’re anything like me, reading those last sentences would pretty much guarantee that I wouldn’t be doing this plant thing thing for any long period of time.

For me, I need a system that SAVES me time and makes healthy eating automatic. Especially if I am going to stick with it long term. It also needs to check a few boxes or it just ain’t happening. Momentum is key. So is honesty. Let’s get real.

1. It needs to be tastebud-intoxicatingly delicious. No way around it. I can eat salads, dipping my fork in the dressing before each bite, for only so long. I need flavor. I need savory. And sweet. Dancing together in beautiful cuisine harmony. I need this to be a satisfying, delicious meal. If that incredible meal is healthy– Bonus.

2. I don’t want to cook these meals. Not all the time. Not EVERY meal. Sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I like whipping something up every now and then, but this isn’t my favorite part. My genius is in the eating. Enjoying. Savoring. I love it all. Restaurants, take out, one hand on the wheel, on the way home– I’m a pro. Designing plant-based dishes with flavor for every meal is sometimes enjoyable but not sustainable. The thought of having to clean my food processor because I wanted some cashew cheese makes me want to forget the whole thing. Which brings me to number three.

3. I don’t want to clean up the culinary-grade mess that comes with the plant-based lifestyle. All the flavors, sauces and plant-based creations are incredible, but also require some some serious clean up aftermath. Like, here is your reward for cooking and enjoying your meal–You get to clean it all up!

If you’re anything like me, those three are probably pretty relatable. Again, I’m looking for longterm sustainability and I know myself 🙂 If you agree, I think what we do at Veestro will be a game changer for you, like it was for me and our community. We take all the intimidating, tiresome, time-sucking problems with going plant-based and solve it for you. Whether you love cooking but don’t have any time, can’t cook and don’t wanna cook, or don’t have time for anything, especially no-flavor meals – Solved.

It’s about time and convenience (and flavor!) in the long run. The time for food prep. The time to hit up the local farmers markets for the best ingredients. The time to cook meals for the day or the week. The time to clean up my kitchen. To be honest, it’s just easier to sometimes grab take out, or snack on whatever was around.

But…What if eating plant-based could be just as easy? Just as satisfying? It can be, I’m telling you it is! We do it daily. We created Veestro, because Mark and I knew we were not alone. I knew that if eating healthy was both delicious and easy to implement, it would be a no brainer for everyone. I have dedicated my adult life to bridging the healthy-eating gap between “wishful thinking” and “blissful living.” Bottom line, if it is sustainable, convenient AND amazing, it will continue.

So, now you know the benefits of a plant-based diet. I hope you can also see that it is totally sustainable. Plant-based eating can become a permanent part of your lifestyle beyond a New Years resolution and I want to help you do it. Here at changeINseconds, our mission is to create an experience that not only delivers on mouth-delighting flavor and health, but DELIVERS it right to your door.

I want to make plant-based living easy for real-life people who are busy! It’s the only way it works. I’m glad you’re here and I hope we can help make plant-based life a little easier (and way more delicious).

To small hinges swinging big doors in 2019!

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