Fat loss is a waiting game. It requires a lot of patience and can be very frustrating. You may be doing all the right things to lose weight, but you won’t know if you’re making any progress if you don’t track. I’ve included a FREE weight loss tracker template at the end of this post so you can start tracking right away!

Tracking on a weekly basis is so important as it keeps you motivated and lets you know when to make changes. Most methods to track progress are flawed, but I will show you how to get a more accurate view of your progress by ‘combining’ a few assessment tools.

Before we begin, here’s a little note… if it took you a few months or years to gain a few kilos, understand that it will take time to lose it. You can lose weight faster if your nutrition is on point and you include some exercise.

Bottom line, be patient! If you want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, then do it with a balanced diet and not with potato diets, skinny teas, and waist trainers.

Here are the 4 combined Assessment tools you should use to accurately track your progress:

Weighing Scale

The weighing scale sucks, I know. It fluctuates on a daily basis, changes at different times of the month with menstrual cycles and can suddenly show an increase in water weight after a big meal.

But… it can also be a reliable tool for those wanting to lose a lot of weight or gain muscle mass.

Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of the scale:

*Weigh yourself preferably wearing nothing

*Weigh at the same time in the day e.g. first thing in the morning

*Weigh yourself at least 3-5 times a week and take an average for that week for a more accurate reading

*If you’re eating correctly (fewer calories than you burn), then you should safely lose 1-2 pounds or 0.5-1 kilo per week. If you’re not losing weight, reduce by 100 calories every week until you see a steady decrease. Stay there and don’t be tempted to reduce your calories further.

*Weight generally goes up 2 weeks before your period starts. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not fat, it’s just your body retaining water.

Don’t get hung up on the scale. There will be weeks where it just won’t budge and suddenly you’ve lost 3kgs. Stay on the path and be patient! Get a weighing scale here.

Body Measurements

If you haven’t invested in a measuring tape, get one! It is a good indicator of weight loss and is motivating to watch the numbers go down.

You should take and record body measurements once every week.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when measuring:

*Measure yourself preferably wearing nothing

*Same time in the day e.g. first thing in the morning

*Measure the same side every time e.g. either left or right

*Measure in cms for more accuracy

Get a measuring tape here. Don’t forget to claim your FREE weight loss tracker at the end of this post!

Progress pics

These are amazing to see progress! Although it takes about 8-10 weeks to see any changes in pictures, the further you go the more drastic the results will be.

Trust me, these are the best kind of pictures to have so never delete them.

Take these pictures once every week.

Here are some guidelines:

*Wear a swimsuit or something similar

*Same time in the day e.g. first thing in the morning

*Take full-length pictures of Front, Back and Side angles. If someone can take your pictures, then great!

*No posing. It’s difficult to tell if you’ve made any changes if you’re sucking your tummy in or twisting your body. Just relax and stand straight.


Try on one of your favorite pair of jeans or dresses every 2 weeks and see how they feel. Clothes are a good indicator of progress and you can tell if you’ve lost or gained weight.

There it is folks… use all of these methods together to have a more accurate picture of your progress.

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