Ladies! this is why you are not achieving your health goals

How many times have you been inspired to lose weight after seeing a close friend transform after shedding weight, or when a college rivalry is unrecognizable after toning. It is normal to vow that very night that starting next week you will start a fitness program that will make you look incredible plus even better than the others. But as the week begins, you make excuses, oh I do not have 30 minutes to spare in the morning, oh it is winter, oh I lack a proper fitness bra, the list of excuses is endless.

Next thing you know you, a week has passed into a month and you have done nothing at all. Or on one feel-good week you started but gave up before getting any tangible results. I have done this countless times, since i was sixteen so i totally understand.


Whatever the case may be in your life, it is crucial to set goals. It is one thing to dream, but it is another to actually realize those dreams. It is very easy to fantasize about your compact 2 pack that will be visible in your crop top or the disappearance of the love- handles you detest so much. The main reasons why we females give up training is because we do not see the instant results we desire, we compare ourselves to men, which is unrealistic in fitness training, plus we set the most over zealous goals in our weight loss and training plans. But above all the flaws, is the simple lack of a SMART goal setting ethic.

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This is a very effective way of goal setting especially for your fitness plans. This will prevent you from haphazard goals that cannot be achieved or if they are, they take a longer period with a lot of strain involved. A quick example of a SMART GOAL in my fitness life would be: To have a four pack by Christmas ( 2019) through daily intense 15 minutes AB & HIIT workout EACH MORNING, 5 DAYS a week. Specific: I want four pack abs :Measurable four 15 minutes a day Achievable: work out plan than I will adhere to Realistic: I have a two pack already so i’m looking forward to the next block Timely: 25 December is 6 months from now. If I use this strategy with this goal in mind and if I am consistent enough I will surely reach my goal.


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Ladies, if you adopt these qualities you will not go wrong: DETERMINATION- CONFIDENCE- CREATIVITY- GOALS- PLAN OF ACTION. No matter what weight you are, if you are a beginner or been in the game for too long. We are all different and we can all create ways that we feel comfortable with when working out. Be confident when you are on your workout plan, in most cases you will meet criticism, telling you that you look alright or that you are already slim. Your health is your private decision therefore do not let anyone pour sand on your desires. Have a Plan of Action that you commit to, avoid random day dreams plans.


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Sometimes it is easy to fall off your plans but if you are working with some friends, a coach and some group members you will be more motivated. 1. You can join a social media group that has interests in health and fitness, when people share their tips this may motivate you and help you stay on course, plus you will make friends with like-minded people.

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2. Another method is to take monthly pictures. this will help you monitor progress and give you a boost when you see improvements, but that doesn’t mean you must throw away your measuring scale. Pictures are great ways to self motivate.

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3. Do not fret over the weight scale measurements too much. When you start working out there is actually a great chance to put on weight during the first fortnight but do not get discouraged by the figures. Avoid weighing yourself each week, rather try per fortnight or three weeks, but be consistent in your workouts and diets. I say this because it is very easy to get discouraged by the numbers so do not make unrealistic advances that leave you hurt, and discouraged. Rome was never built in one day was it?

4. Your posture and form matters. When you are determined to make progress in your life, you must not ignore the fundamentals. Join me on my next blog about posture and form for specific exercise routines.

try to maintain proper form and posture in order to avoid injury and other issues.

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